Average Costs of Roof Repair Services


Most leaky roofs usually only need simple patching. So unless your roof is an older one or got damaged severely in a natural disaster, you don’t need a complete roof replacement.

Regardless, if you’re like many Connecticut homeowners, you’re likely wondering: what are the costs for roof repairs? You can hire a roofing company to provide roof inspection service and receive a free quote.

You may be new to the roofing industry, but no worries because we’re here to assist you to know if your roof needs roofing services.

From the average costs of repairs to the most common causes of roof damage, here’s what you need to know:

What Are the Average Costs of Roof Repair Services?

It can be challenging to get an accurate cost estimate for roof repairs. After all, it requires an up-close or in-person examination of a home’s roofing system. Hiring roofing contractors can give you a precise quote after determining your roofing system’s type, age, and condition. And these include the shingles, ridges, and valleys of your home.

Aside from that, contractors might also check the interaction between your drainage and HVAC systems. Finally, it requires accurate examination of flashings, ventilation, and other structural items that may affect roof longevity.

Either way, you can see why it’s better to rely on a trusted and licensed professional conduct for this kind of home inspection. It’s the only way you can get appropriate feedback and quota. You can take advantage of the free estimate some leading roofing company offers.

However, you can also try making an educated guess regarding roof service costs by checking these common material and labor averages that a roofer in CT offers:

Repairing one square foot of asphalt roofing can cost you anywhere between $100 and $350.
The usual repair costs for one square foot of shake roofing can be as low as $200 or as high as $400.
Fixing one square foot of tile roofing varies greatly, costing anywhere from $200 to $800.

Still, the cost of repairing your roofing system depends on the size of the area that needs fixing, the type of roof you got, roofing materials, its style, and the overall complexity of the repair.

5 Factors that Affect Roof Repair Rates

Some factors that might affect the final price of a roof repair include the following:


Flashing refers to the vinyl or metal stripping acting as a sealed barrier between a roof, chimneys, skylights, ventilation exhausts, and siding for those roofs with multiple levels. Aside from that, you may also use this for roofing systems where they slope into a valley. It also ensures water runs appropriately into your home’s gutter system.

Flashing repairs or total replacements can cost you between $50 to $500, depending on your location and the difficulty of the repair.

Debris Removal

Whether you’re patching a small or big area of your roof, debris will always need to be removed and disposed of. That’s why many roofing companies add this into their estimates. Usually, the removal fees include the entire cost of removing the debris, hauling, and disposing of them at a landfill.

Roof Pitch

The roof pitch might also affect the price of roof repairs. Houses with moderately pitched roofs are usually the cheapest as they’re easier to repair. On the other hand, flat roofs without pitches or steep roofs will cost you more. After all, they require more expensive materials and are more challenging to repair.


The materials used to repair a roof considerably affect the prices. In fact, it’s the most significant cost factor. Generally, asphalt shingles are the cheapest option homeowners have. Meanwhile, more expensive options include cedar shakes, cedar shingles, stone-coated steel, concrete tiles, and metal roofing.

However, the most expensive options are synthetic composite and natural slate products. They’re costly to repair and replace.

Permits and Fees

The last factor that affects Connecticut roofing services rates is the permits and fees needed in your area. Luckily, most roofing contractors will make arrangements beforehand, securing the required paperwork on your behalf. However, you’ll still be the one responsible for paying the fees.

Remember, there are many factors to consider when estimating the prices of roof repairs. Generally, a simple patching job can only cost you $100 to $200. On the other hand, a more extensive and complex repair may cost as high as $1000.

Also, though it’s not a bad idea to have an educated guess at the roof repair rates, it’s best to work with a licensed professional roofer. After all, they can give you the most accurate estimates after seeing your roof in person!

What Causes Roof Damage? 3 Most Common Causes to Watch Out For

The roof covering your home will spend its entirety outdoors, making it vulnerable to many elements like rain, snow, and pests. And like any other structural element, regular upkeep is key! One of the most efficient ways to do this is by knowing the common causes of roof damage.

Here are the three most common causes of roof damage to watch out for:


Since your roof is exposed to the outdoors, it only makes sense that weather is one of the most common causes of roof damage. Your roofing system takes on the different elements, deteriorating over time. Snow, hail, sleet, and rainwater will all take a massive toll on your roof.

This is especially the case for those who live in areas where storms, hurricanes, and snowstorms are prevalent. Remember, severe weather conditions can rip off your roof shingles or even tear the entire roof of your house. So, it pays to pay attention to the weather!


Critters such as mice can squeeze themselves into your roof’s smallest holes and crevices. Not to mention, ants and termites can practically go inside your roof whenever they want. And though these are common pests to watch out for, common culprits of roof damage are birds, squirrels, and rats.

Those animals will have little to no trouble making their way into your roof siding or gutters. And once they get in, they’ll likely make a nest on your roof. Over time, these pests will eventually burrow through your roofing shingles and into your house.


No matter how costly or strong your roof is, it will always need maintenance. Do a regular roof and gutter cleaning routine. If you neglect it, your roof will become more vulnerable to each element. So, check it out whenever you can and call a contractor when needed.

Signs You Need a New Roof

Are you wondering whether you need your roof replaced or just a repair? To answer this question, your entire house roofing system needs to undergo thorough roof inspections. You can do these roofing jobs yourself, but it’s best to hire experienced roofers to ensure that everything is checked.

Roof Damage

It’s possible to stretch your current roof’s lifespan if the damage is only on a small portion of your roofing system. An expert roofer can fix roof leaks using spare shingles to replace the damaged ones.

However, suppose the roof has substantial damage and is leaking in different areas. In that case, it’s not practical for you to replace every affected shingle. When this happens, it’s best to go with a new roof installation.

Shingles Don’t Match

Consider your home as your kingdom, and we all know that you work hard to spruce it up and emphasize its curb appeal. However, there may be a time when you need to stop a leak that you have to replace an asphalt shingle. Though it solved the problem, another issue surfaces. The asphalt shingle you installed might not be compatible with the color patchwork on your roof.

Of course, you don’t want to look at such an unpleasant view. To avoid this kind of situation, hiring a roofing company for your roofing project is a good idea.

Repairs Are No longer Worth It

Constant roof repair can be more expensive than having a full roof replacement. It’s not good if you have roofing projects for repair too often. It’s better to tear off all the roofs installed and have an overall roof replacement. This way, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.

To have the best result for your home improvement project, hire a roofing company. They can give you options regarding high-quality materials for your residential roofing replacement.

Your Roof is Past Its Prime

Roof type like asphalt shingle is not durable compared to other to-notch materials. This type of material can’t withstand extreme heat. In fact, you’re very lucky if you can get twenty years out of this type of roofing system when you’re living in a region with harsh weather.

In these situations, you’re more likely to need a new roof. And learn from what happened.
Your roofing needs should depend on factors such as your location and weather. In areas with extreme weather conditions, it’s best to have durable roofs.

Your Roof Does Not Meet Local Building Requirements

Some regions have strict building codes which limit the number of layers you can add to an existing roof. It also depends on whether it’s residential or commercial roofing. Two layers of shingles on the roof might be restricted in some areas.

Suppose you have a locally owned and operated commercial building with this type of issue. In that case, you might want to consult one of the roofing constructors in your area. They can help you verify if your roofing system complies with the building code. Unfortunately, suppose your old roof fails to meet the building code requirements. In that case, you’ll need the roofing company to assist you with a roof replacement.

Structural damage

Your roof is a critical part of your house’s structure. If it’s been neglected for years, you might begin to notice signs of minor or even major damage on several parts of the structure, such as wood rot, loose nails, ceiling problems, and more.

Minor roof repairs can’t fix this issue. A full roof replacement is a solution your roofing contractor will offer you.

How to Choose the Best Roofing Company

Go Local

Always go for a locally operated roofing company. This gives you the assurance that they’re established in your local area. This way, you can easily tell if they offer quality service. It’s also convenient to get a hold of them if you have concerns or questions in the future.

Check Online Reviews

Even if you’re sure that they’re a locally operated company, don’t think twice about checking online reviews about them. Good customer reviews only mean that the roofing contractor prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Preferably, you want to look for roofing contractors with at least four stars average and have a good number of reviews online. This will tell you that this company offers exceptional customer service.

Pick Someone Experienced

Another thing to look for when searching for the best roofing company is their experience. You want to pick someone who offers high-quality services and does an outstanding job. Also, check how long they’ve been in the roofing business.

An experienced roofing contractor is confident about their work because they know what they’re doing. Of course, we want quality craftsmanship for our home improvement projects.

Check Their License

Take extra precautions when hiring roof contractors. Before dealing with any roofing services, make sure to check their license first. Some unlicensed contractors attempt to get a project, and you don’t want them to handle your roof installation.

Ensuring that your contractor is licensed gives you peace of mind and assurance that they’ll deal with the project in a professional manner.


No matter how expensive your roofing system is, no shingles are unbreakable. So even if some types seem indestructible, they’ll eventually degrade. That’s why it’s best to check your roof now and then to maintain upkeep. And once you notice any issues with your flashing, shingles, or gutter system, you’ll be able to resolve them fast!

If you need professional help for your roof inspection and repairs for your buildings in Connecticut, you can contact Morrissey Construction here! They provide quality roofing services for any type of roofing project. Contact them now and get a free quote.