Commercial Roofing Contractors in Hartford, CT

If your commercial or industrial building is in need of roofing services, Morrissey Construction, LLC is ready to help! Reach out to Morrissey Construction’s team of roofing specialists when your commercial building needs a roofing fix or update. Our team of specialists is able to work hard and fast to deliver top-of-the-line commercial roofing services. We are able to provide all types of services when it comes to your commercial and industrial structures because the team here at Morrissey Construction, LLC is fully certified and fully qualified installers of all types of roofing systems. The commercial roofing services that we provide are professional, long-lasting, and use high-quality materials for all your roofing needs!

When you choose to work with us here at Morrissey Construction, LLC, we will provide the best services that fit within your budget and will last you a lifetime. It is important to use that we communicate on your budget and services so that both parties are on the same page. Our team has the required and necessary skills to complete the roofing repairs and projects that you need for your commercial building and structure.

We are able to provide many types of products for the best possible roofing outcome. When we repair your roof, we use high-quality products to complete the repairs to last a long time. All of our roofing products and repairs come with a Lifetime Labor Warranty:

Our team is able to offer a wide range of commercial and industrial services for our client’s roofing needs. We are able to provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs to all commercial buildings and structures. We even have emergency damage repairs for when a situation arises, we can come and complete any repairs necessary to get your building fixed back up. Here are the Commercial and Industrial Services that we offer:

When to Repair You Commercial Roof

It isn’t always easy to determine when your commercial roofing needs to be repaired. If you notice any potential problems that ought to be addressed, it’s in your best interest to contact our roofing services at Morrissey Construction, LLC. We’re the number one commercial roofing contractors in Hartford, CT. Our experienced technicians will come by to inspect your commercial roofing system to determine what the issue is, what’s causing the problem, and how to fix it.

There are a few common signs that your commercial roofing system is in need of a professional repair. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Bubbling or cracking in the roof surface: When you’re walking along your commercial roof, keep an eye out for any potential signs of bubbling or cracking in the roof surface. Bubbles and cracks can often be a sign of trapped air or moisture, which can cause damage to your property if left untreated.


  • Open or damaged flashing: Your commercial roof’s flashing is essential for preventing water from making its way into your property. If your flashing is open or damaged in some way, it can cause leaks and structural damage. Be sure to contact our commercial roofing contractors in Hartford, CT to inspect and repair your flashing if you notice any damage.


  • Standing water: It’s not uncommon for water to remain on your commercial roof a day after it’s rained. However, if you notice that the water doesn’t seem to be going away, this can be a major concern. Standing water on your roof can cause water damage, leaks, mold, and mildew growth.


If you need a commercial roof repair, be sure to reach out to our commercial roofing contractors in Hartford, CT. We’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service and quality roofing services so you can rest assured your commercial property is being properly taken care of. For more information or to get a free estimate, contact Morrissey Construction, LLC today.

When you choose Morrissey Construction LLC we will provide you with the best commercial roofing services that will meet and exceed your commercial business’s needs. We are committed to delivering any of the maintenance and repair services for your commercial and industrial buildings.

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